Experience the quivers of a full-blown G-spot orgasm with the revolutionary G-SpotRx, designed to take your experience to the next level. The mythical G-spot has now been placed in the spotlight, and it deserves to be treated as the magical spot it is. G-SpotRx is perfect for your solo pleasure, or use with your partner for a breathtaking experience.


Make your life
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G-Spot Stimulator
G-Spot Rx is designed to mimic the curling motion of a finger (or two), providing stimulating contact with your G-Spot. The revolutionary, patented design provides horizontal G-spot stimulation, providing the breathtaking orgasm you've been desiring. It teases and puts pressure on your magic spot like no other vibrator can do, and curling motion brings your orgasm to new heights.
G-Spot Rx is the perfect size and shape for your body, allowing every woman to find the orgasm she deserves.
Not every woman likes the same thing, so G-Spot Rx has 10 unique rhythmic patterns and 3 speeds to enhance your pleasure.
Make your life just a little better!
With 3 speeds of come hither pleasure, 10 distinct vibration patterns, and a contour designed to fit any woman's body, the G-Spot Rx brings sensual pleasure to any bedroom experience. Made from medical-grade silicone, our vibrator is safe and glides in easily for your orgasmic experience. The arched design allows for perfect placement and reduces slipping and fatigue and the unique motion applies pressure to the G-Spot. The strategically placed vibrators allow you to become aroused in one area or multiple erogenous zones simultaneously.
Up to one hour of use on a single USB recharge
8 inches
1.6 inches
3/4 inch
wide massager under the silicone providing a never tiring curling finger motion mimicking the human touch
10 Distinct Vibration Patterns
Massager Speed Control
3 Speeds of G sport Pleasure
The Plus model adds the extra vibrator for clitoral stimulation at the same time, allowing women to have double pleasure orgasms. This addition brings a woman to a slow climax at the clitoris at the same time as she is experiencing the pressure against her G-Spot. The slow release brings a truly breathtaking orgasm in all erogenous zones.
G-Spot Rx Plus delivers the entire experience - the most enhanced G-Spot massager and also a clitoris teaser for women to have a double orgasm.
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