G-Spot Vs. Clitoral Orgasms: Is One Better?
There is much to be learned yet in the quest to conquer the sexuality of a female body. While some of a woman's sexual anatomy is starting to be understood, other parts of it have more questions than answers. One of those mysterious areas is the G-spot. Let's take a look at what makes this erogenious area a favorite of some women.
G-spot Stimulation
The G-spot is an erogenious zone located 2-3 centimeters inside the vagina, on the anterior wall. Women report that it feels bumpy, and sometimes they have to push hard in order to feel anything. Finding the G-spot can take some trial and error, but once found, can be stimulated in a variety of ways.

One way for a woman to stimulate the G-spot is to use her fingers, or the fingers of her partner, curving them in a "come hither" motion. Since stimulation is different for each woman, stroking, rubbing, hard touches, and soft touches will need to be introduced by the individual until she finds what feels best.

Stimulation can also come through vaginal penetration, either by a penis, or a sex toy designed to stimulate the G-spot. If one position doesn't stimulate, changing the angle, or switching to another position may bring about the desired results.

A woman may need to explore and try pressure and stimulation to several areas in the vagina to find what brings about the desired pleasure.

How Important is the Orgasm?
Society posts the orgasm as the height of sexual pleasure. Whether it's a G-spot orgasm, a clitoral orgasm, or another type of orgasm, women are often pressured into feeling that it is the most important aspect of a sexual relationship. But, is it?

One study, of over 8,000 women, showed that only 6% of women always had an orgasm and 40% said they nearly always had one. That's less than half the population. The study also showed that 14% of women under the age of 35 had never had an orgasm from intercourse.

Another study showed the different preferences of women that were able to reach orgasm during intercourse. It showed that 26.6% of women needed clitoral stimulation while 18.4% indicated vaginal penetration alone was sufficent. Another 36% said they didn't need the clitoral stimulation but it vastly enhanced their experiences.

Of the women that don't have an orgasm during sexual intercourse, many of the say they still enjoy the experience. They like the closeness with their partner, the physical intimacy that sex provides. According to researchers at the Kinsey Institute, women indicated the connection to their partner is more satisfying than the the pleasure of an orgasm. This shows that women value sex for more than just the orgasm, and that while it can bring great pleasure, it is not the only reason women have sexual intercourse.

Clitoral vs. G-spot Orgasms
Women may experience two different types of feelings with clitoral and G-spot orgasms, as each spot sets off different sensors in the brain. Clitoral orgasms often "peak", leaving the clitoris sensitive to the touch, while vaginal orgasms can come in slower, deeper waves. Of course, this isn't true for everyone, as every woman's body is different.

Emmanuele Jannini, a professor of endocrinology at the University of Aquila in Italy, contributed to an essay series published in the Jornal of Sexual Medicine (March 28, 2019). She states "We have plenty of evidence regarding the difference between the two main orgasms, clitoral and vaginally activated orgasm."

We know the difference and scientifically, we know it exists, but we are still learning exactly how this affects every female's sexual preferences. This distinction is based on direct stimulation of the clitoris and/or G-spot, and what each woman interprets to be an orgasm.

Orgasms can come from one spot, or from both spots, and are not the same for each woman. They also are not the same for each sexual experience in the same woman. A woman is capable of having a clitoral orgasm, or a G-spot orgasm, completely independent of each other, simply based on which areas of her body are stimulated and on her brain's ability to comprehend that stimulation.

There are many ways for females to enjoy sex, orgasm or not. A woman should take the time to determine what her sex life should look like, and focus on enjoying the sensations that feel best to her.