The Female Orgasm
Orgasms don't always come easy to women. People with vaginas tend to have a lower orgasm rate than our male counterparts, but females make up for it with the variety of erogenous zones within their bodies. Female erectile tissue is spread out, meaning more pleasure centers and more ways for a woman to reach climax.

Experts have yet to come to a consensus regarding the female orgasm, but one thing most of them do agree on is that there is only one type of orgasm. They also agree that there are different ways to reach that orgasm within the female body, and that the orgasm may feel different each time for each woman. Let's take a look.
Clitoral Orgasms
The most common way to achieve orgasm is through the clitoris, a small structure with over 2,000 nerve endings that sits above the vaginal opening. The clitoris varies greatly from person to person, as does what feels good to each individual.

Stimulating not just the clitoris itself, but the area around it, including the clitoris hood, can bring a female to orgasm. A woman can use her fingers, her partner's fingers or mouth, or a shower head to stimulate the area, varying the sensitivity to her liking. Another option for women is a sex toy, like a vibrator, to stimulate the area, leading to orgasm.

G-Spot Orgasm
The G-Spot orgasm is still in debate among the scientific community. Researchers with various backgrounds have come to different conclusions as to whether or not the G-spot, and therefore, the G-spot orgasm exists. We will assume it does.

The G-spot is located on the anterior vaginal wall about 2-3 centimeters inside the vaginal opening. Orgasms result from stimulating this area through penetrative intercourse, either with fingers, a penis, or a sex toy made for g-spot stimulation. G-spot orgasms feel different than those from other kinds of stimulation, and some women report having better, more intense orgasms from this erogenous zone.

Anal Orgasm
Often a stigma in society is Anal Orgasms. These tend to get swept under the rug as people are embarrassed and ashamed to talk of them. In reality, there is nothing to be ashamed of and up to 32% of women have admitted to having anal sex. However, anal orgasms are different from vaginal or clitoral orgasms.

Women who mix up their sexual routines with anal orgasms admit that both physical arousal and emotional desire play a part in their decisions to enjoy anal sex with their partners. Anal orgasm sensations vary in intensity and physical pleasure, just as any other orgasm. The anal canal is rich in nerve endings, which leads to intense sensations of pleasure when stimulated. But more than that, the rectum shares a wall with a woman's vaginal canal, right behind the G-spot. This means that the G-spot can be indirectly reached through penetration of the anus, bringing a woman a very pleasurable and erotic experience.

Combination Orgasms
Combination orgasms, also known as blended orgasms are simply an orgasm involving more than one erogenous zone. These zones are stimulated simultaneously and cause an orgasmic response. The most common zones, according to Dr. Shannon Chavez, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist are direct clitorial stimulation, G-spot, nipples, vulva and vagina. Another area that is becoming more common is the anus.

Combination orgasms activate nerve endings throughout the body, resulting in intense, powerful orgasms. With buildup of pleasure in multiple areas of the body, the body is primed for variation for a different, more intense experience. When your body finally reaches the stage of orgasm, your body experiences a more full-bodies experience from your nerve endings communicating throughout.

Other Types of Orgasms
There are other types of orgasms that women can achieve throughout their lifetimes, including:

Fantasy Orgasms - Where a woman's mind leads the charge. This orgasm is brought about by thought and includes no touching.

Relaxation Orgasms - This is when a woman's body is so relaxed it can achieve a pleasurable state all on it's own.

Exercise-Induced Orgasms - Often intense cardio, abdominal exercise, or weight training can lead to orgasms for women.

Cervical Orgasms - While much of a cervix is unreachable, the entrance is full of nerve endings, and some women experience intense pleasure from deep penetration that reaches to their cervix.

One of the few things that all experts do agree on is that no matter which type a woman prefers, orgasms continue to be a pleasurable experience for women across the globe.