The Science Behind G-spot Stimulation
Back in 1950, Ernest Grafenberg, MD, announced "An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra."

Since his time, there have been many research papers discussing the existence of this mysterious spot in the female anatomy. It seems so simple. It should either be there, or not.
What Does the Science Say?
In the past decade, there have been studies that have dissected the female anatomy and have claimed to find the G-spot to studies claiming it's a complete myth. One of the biggest problems science has is actual proof of its existence. For women who have found their G-spot, it's easy. It feels good. It's pleasurable and it can bring about the most amazing orgasms. For science, just the fact that something "feels good" in an area isn't enough to prove it truly exists.

Different studies have reported the G-spot differently, and in different areas of the vagina. Because of this, researchers are looking for places in the vagina with many nerve-endings. Regardless of where in the vagina this spot is - many women believe it exists, and many have been able to achieve vaginal orgasms by stimulating this area. So then, what is the best way to stimulate this magical spot?

G-Spot Stimulation
A woman can find pleasure either by herself, or with a partner. Many women prefer to go it alone to start with, finding what they like. They are then able to guide a partner to their G-spot and let their partner know what they like.
Alone Time
— A woman's G-spot stands out more when the woman is stimulated. After taking time to warm up, fingers are a great way to start exploring. A woman's vaginal walls are smooth, but the G-spot has a rougher texture, more like an orange peel. By inserting a finger or two into the vagina, palm up, a woman can feel around until she finds this spot. Once found, curling the fingers in a "come hither" motion and pressing on the anterior wall of the vagina provides stimulation. Little circles, up and down motions, and other similar movements may also provide the stimulation a woman is looking for. Pressure can be gentle or firm. Each woman should explore this erogenous zone and find what feels good to her.

Sex Toys
— Specifically designed toys created just for G-spot stimulation can bring pleasure sensations from deep within. These toys have angled or curved heads to help find the G-spot. One in particular actually uses the "come hither" motion of the fingers to stimulate.

With a Partner
The Male Penis
—Male penetration is a fantastic way to stimulate the G-spot. A woman should be relaxed and stimulated to get the most pleasure from the penetration. The G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, so consider positions that angle the penis toward the front of the vagina. A few different positions to consider are:

Doggy Style - With the woman on her hands and knees, her partner can penetrate from behind. She can lean forward or push her hips back, focusing on different angles until she finds one that hits her G-spot.

Cowgirl - With the male partner laying on his back, and the female straddling him on top, she is in complete control of the rhythm, depth, and most important, the angle of the penetration. This allows the woman to move around until she has found her G-spot.

Remember, the G-spot is located just inside the vagina, so depth is not as important as angle. The male partner can try slow movement back and forth instead of quick thrusts, as the idea is to stay in contact with the G-spot. Some women prefer steady pressure on their G-spots instead of the thrusting movement.

Fingers and Sex Toys
— A partners fingers can also make G-spot stimulation quite pleasurable, again using that same "come hither" motion. And if a woman is not shy around her partner, having her partner insert the G-spot stimulator can bring the two of them quite close together.

As with all types of orgasms and stimulation, the key to having an amazing G-spot orgasm is to take your time, enjoy the sensations. Experiment with what feels best, and what feels right. There is no right way or wrong way to stimulate a woman. There is just what feels good, and from that is where you take your queue.